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7 Great Coffee Table Books

7 Great Coffee Table Books You Can Possess

If you are a casual reader and are attracted to illustrious reads, coffee table books are the best option for you. They are large in size with huge pictorial references to engage the readers.

Coffee table books also add ambience to your surroundings. Whether it is your library shelf or your drawing room table, they add an impression and colorful tone to your collection of books.

Here are 7 great coffee table books for your reference.


1. Book – Buckingham Palace: The Interiors
Author – Ashley Hicks

We all have seen the exteriors of the Buckingham Palace. The Queen and her family addressing the people from the balcony of the palace is a common sight for her followers.

But did you ever get the opportunity to glance at the magnificent and royal interiors of the palace?

Ashley Hicks’ ‘Buckingham Palace: The Interiors’ gives you a tour of the splendid interiors of the age old palace from where the world was ruled once upon a time.


2. Book – Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany
Author – Jane Mount

Jane Mount’s ‘Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany’, contains illustrations, puzzles, drawing and reading materials on numerous literary treasures.

As a vivid and colorful coffee table book, it is regarded by many as ‘an ode to the world of literature’.


3. Book – All about Cake
Author – Christina Tosi

If you have a sweet tooth or if you are a cake lover, this book would be a delightful experience for you. Christina Tosi’s this cookbook illustrates a large range of cakes from world over.

It gives you tips for baking and also talks about very rare or out of the box cake flavors.


4. Book – May I Come In? : Discovering the World in Other People’s Houses
Author – Wendy Goodman

Wendy Goodman in her book ‘May I Come In? : Discovering the World in Other People’s Houses’, gives the readers a visual record of the houses she visited all over the world.

Each interior she visited distinctly represent the personality and tastes of the owners of the houses vividly portraying the culture of the respective people and places.


5. Book – Cooking in Iran: Regional Recipes and Kitchen Secrets
Author – Najmieh Batmanglij

If you are someone who keeps an interest in food history along with an appetite of cooking and trying new dishes, this book would be an ideal possession for you.

Iranian-American chef, Najmieh Batmanglij doesn’t only provided vivid and illustrious pictures of the dishes in the book, but also the recipes, geography and history that are related to the respective Persian cuisines.


6. Book – Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants
Author – Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

If you are a phytophilous by nature or have a general knack of growing plants in your garden area or balcony, this book can be of great regards to you.

It illustrates, narrates and talks about almost 100 plants that you can grow on your own in your house. It will guide you on how to care and foster these hundred household plants.


7. Book – Rajputana Chronicles: Guns and Glories
Author – Pratap Singh Mehta

Rajputana Chronicles: Guns and Glories, is written by former Indian Navy Commander Pratap Singh Mehta who also hails from the bloodline of Prithviraj Chauhan.

The book along with attractive illustrations and royal portraits, tells the rarely known stories of Rajput valor during the foreign invasions, British and Mughal rule in India.

In case you are an admirer of the Rajput courage, this one is an ideal read for you.

So, next time when you visit a library, make sure you look for some coffee table book collections. They for sure will be a great reading experience for you.


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