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5 Best Travel Guide Books for India

5 Best Travel Guide Books for India

India is a country of incredible number of geographical features, culture, languages, beliefs and faith. A concise and accurate account of India’s travelogue is probably impossible to create.

However, if you are an instant backpack kind of traveler, you can search in any library for these 5 guide books. They can be of immense help to you.

Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India is one of the most favorite books for travelers. The book contains colorful maps, pictures, itineraries, cultural insights, information and everything that you need to know about a place.

The book also provides suggestion with regards to what to visit essentially and what you may skip if there’s a time constraint.

It’s the ultimate guide to know the cities, towns, culture and people of India.

The Rough Guide to India

From Himalayas to Kerala, The Rough Guide to India covers the entire India from north to south through maps and fascinating photographs of the beautiful locales.

It also gives you updated information and suggestions about resorts, restaurants and reservations.

Travel India: Enjoying India to the Fullest

India has always been a country that is diverse and unique in more than countable ways. If you want to make a ‘to do’ list while travelling to the different places of the country, this book would be of immense help to you.

It guides you with a ‘to do’ list in India that one never did experience in his or her life before and that are unique to India only.

Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India

The book is written by the Scottish historian William Dalrymple. Published originally in 2009, it is an account of the travel experience of the author through 9 incredible regions.

In the ever changing modern India, these accounts may astound you. In search of spirituality, the real tales in the book are an absorbing portrait of the sacred India.

The places include stories from the pilgrimage town of Shravanabelagola in Karnataka, Kannur in Kerala, Belgaum in Karnataka, Pabusar in Rajasthan, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Swamimalai in Tamil Nadu, Tarapith, Kolkata and Jaydev Kenduli in West Bengal.

Travel Fearlessly in India: What Every Woman Should Know About Personal Safety

Written by J.D. Viharini, this book acts as an essential guide to women who are travelling solo.

The book tells you about the Dos and Don’ts and also it guides women about where to live, where not to stay, the places to avoid, dressing standards and more.

The book helps you in reducing the risks involved while travelling alone and gives you safety tips.

Although it is impossible to create a comprehensive guide for a diverse country like India, still if you are planning to set out to travel across India, these 5 books can become your best friends.

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