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Reading brings us unknown friends - quotes Honore de Balzac

Read a Book and Spread the Word!

“Reading brings us unknown friends” quotes Honore de Balzac. Books aren’t just a source of information but also a pal to befriend. Few people are book maniacs and find solace in the very smell of books. But, wait! reading isn’t a cup of coffee for everyone. Some consider it as a tedious chore or just another book out of their boring syllabus, or may be they are not brought up in an environment where reading holds much of value. When was the last time you flipped the pages of a book? Is your reading bound to your social media updates or the instruction manual of the appliance you have recently purchased? Then you are a person who needs to know the fun and benefits of reading that your are missing out.

“I love to read, but due to my hectic schedule since the last few months, I left reading. I started feeling that I am forgetting stuffs, that never used to happen before” states Himanshi Mayal, a website developer. Reading creates mental stimulation and in turn reduces the chances of Alzheimer and Dementia. Keeping the brain active by getting indulged in mental exercises like reading makes the brain recall things, easily.

No matter how tiring your day is, just a glance through a small paragraph in a book filled with thrill, warmness or suspense can take you to an entirely different horizon, sweeping out all the stress from your forehead, pumping in a burst of energy to combat another stressful day, henceforth.

It is rightly said that no teacher can give you knowledge better than books. A person who reads is arm less, yet armed. “Beauty lies in your knowledge and not in your physical appearance. The more you read, the more beautiful you become,” says Barsha Roy, a student of iLEAD. Probably, books are the only prone objects whose vulnerability is a bliss.

“The day I started reading, I felt the difference in my vocabulary,” claims Shreya, another student from iLEAD. You do not have to struggle down or hunt for a new word while writing an essay, if you read. The writing styles of different authors inspires the soul reading it, and in turn helps them improvise their own style of writing.

If you think its an end to the benefits it holds, then wait! we have more to it. What about the inner peace of mind which is lost a midst the mist of modernisation? You have surely came across a quote which soothes your mind and soul, a sacred text that lowers down your blood pressure and gives you physical harmony or a book of self help which gives moderate satisfaction to your mind. A good book has the innate power to grab your attention till its climax. You hold your patience back and concentrate, ignoring the mess happening around you, just to know the twist at the end. But this habit goes a long, long way!

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